The MJCQ inc Membership year is from the 1st July to 30th June.

Membership dues are payable in Australian dollars by cheque (drawn on an Australian bank), or by international money order/postal order or by credit card.


Renewing members can now pay via direct deposit to our Bank of Queensland account (full details are on the Membership form below).

Please indicate YOUR NAME in the Direct Deposit description.

Membership renewals are due by 30th June each year for member to remain current and to continue to receive their COMMAND RECONNAISSANCE magazine. 

New Membership Fee:

New membership fees are $70 for the first year

New members joining after the 1st February will be charged pro rata dues $5.42 per month to become financial to 30th June next financial year.

Renewing Membership Fee:

1 year $65

2 years $130

3 years $195

4 years $260

5 years $325

Click here for the membership form

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