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Suncoast Model Flyers Airshow

The Suncoast Model Flyers will be holding an Airshow the weekend before ANZAC Day on the 21 st April 2018. The event will be a day of flying by large models, both jets and propeller driven with a military theme to promote our Armed Forces. We will be open to the Public on a gold coin donation. We will have support from other model clubs(Tanks), the Austin Healey Club and Historical Vintage Bike Club, along with the mounted Light Horse. To fit in with the theme of the day, a display by your military vehicles would be much appreciated. (Space is no problem) We realise that you will be fully committed to the actual ANZAC Day, but hope you can support us in some way on the Saturday before. Food and drinks will be available on the grounds at Quanda Road, Coolum.

Click Here For Flyer

ANZAC Day 2018

Below is a link for ANZAC Day 2018 If you are interested in being a volunteer either on the ground or with your vehicles can you please fill in this form an return it so you will be registered to be able to participate.

 This has been introduced by the ANZAC day organizing committee for security reasons only I hope to see you all there in 2018


James Woods
 ANZAC Day Organiser

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