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Queensland Historic Motoring Council
The QHMC is the peak Queensland body for vehicle clubs whose general aim is the enjoyment and preservation of our motoring heritage. The QHMC represents affiliated clubs in negotiations with Government departments, interstate peak motoring bodies and commercial and public bodies. The MJCQ is an affiliate member.

G503 is a site dedicated to discussion on military jeeps. There are ongoing questions and answers on these vehicles, parts and information and events. Also visit our Military Jeep Club of Queensland Forum

Mapel Leaf Up

Commonwealth Military vehicles forum

Jeep Draw where most of the sheet metal and other reproducible items are detailed with accurate scale drawings. If you have a demilitarised MB/GPW and want to see what the original pieces were like, and build your own, then this is the place for you.

Corowa Swim-In
The official site celebrating the famed Corowa Swim-In.

Vintage Engines WW2 Jeep Trailer Register
 The aim of this register/database is to collect as much information on these trailers IN AUSTRALIA for use by other MV collectors and historians as possible.

Australian Ex-Military Vehicle Collectors Society
Well-established club in New South Wales, Australia with over 120 military vehicles including many on historic vehicle registration.

Victorian Military Vehicle Corps
Reputedly the oldest military vehicle club in the world (formed 1961), the VMVC is a non-profit club run by enthusiasts of ex-military vehicles. The club is based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The site has just had a revamp so take a new look!

The Defence Transport Heritage Trust of Tasmania
The DTHT was conceived circa 2003 with the aim of providing a forum for persons interested in restoring, preserving, using and displaying ex-Military Vehicles and their associated equipment. Membership is directed mainly towards the Tasmanian North and Northwest.

The Registry of Ex Military Land Rovers
The Registry of Ex Military Land Rovers exists for the benefit of ex military Land Rover enthusiasts in Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere. Enthusiasts can share their experiences restoring and maintaining Land Rovers whether they served in the Army, Navy or Air Force, as well as attend REMLR events.

Military Vehicle section of the Veteran Car Club of WA
A small but active group of ex-military vehicle enthusiasts based in Western Australia in both the metropolitan and regional areas. They collect, restore and display motorised and towed vehicles of any armed service of any country.

Doug's Heavy Metal Gallery
A site with interesting photos of military vehicle wrecks found in Australia.

Oliver's Motorcycles

Offering genuine discount to MJCQ financial club members for service and parts.

Contact Michael or Kerrie Oliver.

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